Endurance Is Created During Your Times Of Struggle And Need

Inspiration For August 7, 2019

Endurance is created during you times of struggle and need. You must fight to avoid the fall and even if you fall you must get up, try again, and keep going until you stick the landing. Victory is the result of falls and struggles that have been mastered. It is the results of lessons learned and improvements made. These are just some of the activities for those on the road to being legends. Now, go to your destiny.

In The Spirit Of Sunday Motivation

You have to stand up for yourself and not be the victim of being taken for granted by family, friends, and/or others. You have the right to stop people who over abuse their asking power or position. Some people only come to you when it benefits them. Don’t let Cersei Lannister type people have a huge footprint in your life. Find the Arya Starks, they are much more satisfying in the long run. They will balance you along the way, and help you avenge what must be avenged. They will ensure that others treat you fair and may even go to battle on your behalf. Find your allies, you’ll need them when the vultures ensue. Now, go to your daily destiny!!!

You Should Want To Be Just You

In a world where striving to find your own unique identify and going against the choices of the mainstream wave is often ridiculed, we must fight to find, refine and sustain our uniqueness. E.E Cummings once wrote “to be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.” The individual human being must value what makes him or her important and different, even in the midst of group pressure and mainstream hype. Being who you are, without being made over,  just to fit in with the norm requires full awareness.

Finding the courage and the audacity to be yourself, your own unique self will serve you best.  There is nothing selfish, about discovering your own distinct identity and searching for it in order to preserve and sustain it. Self care must be practice and in order to maximize the practice, you must be aware of what you need, to recognize yourself . If you feel like you cannot tell where you end and someone else begins, then your distinctness as an individual is being challenged or slowly drifting away.

You may still be discovering your idiosyncratic self style and thought.  There will be cultural and environmental influences which, may sub-consciously drive you. How do you bring those into your full conscious? You have to spend some time with yourself and take feedback from someone you trust who will be objective.  You have to want to find yourself and be okay avoiding most of the hype, exist today. It’s not impossible, but it takes work to discovery you and not feel awkward for feel in your skin. Most of the time that awkward feeling is perpetuated by what we think others my think of us. You are always worth any improvements or non-mainstream changes you want to make to yourself, especially of it means getting to you. Go to your daily destiny.

It’s Time To Thrive

When it’s time to thrive nothing in this world can or should stop you. You battle through the toughest downfalls, overcome sickness, and disprove all the naysayers. You will always be your strongest ally when you are truly ready. You have to be willing to do the damnedest things and make the toughest decisions. Turnover stones you would otherwise scurry around and make deals of the decade. Some will be deals of a lifetime. You may have to be crafty and resourceful.
Then when you are all setup and the work is done, let some of the chips fall where they may.  When you thrive accordingly, have no regrets. If you have regrets you will not be able to do what is required to the next level. 
Getting to the next level requires making sacrifices that will tear at the core of who you are. Thriving at the next level requires a breakthrough which can only happen when you mentally shift yourself to a platform or unprecedented levels in your lifetime. You have to depart with portions of your former self and accept the self you are becoming. If you cannot reconcile with who you are becoming then you will you give-up and back-out on your life. The idea is to keep trekking on and figure life out along the way. Don’t quite! It sounds cliche, but if you moving you can come across people and experience that lead you to something that sparks the fire you’ve been craving.                                
Photo is courtesy of Bing