If You Have To Say You’re “A Thing”, Then You Maybe Birthing A Fruit That Doesn’t Line Up With What You’re Trying To Sell

I’m all for people having confidence and believing in self.  If you like labeling yourself, then go for it. You do it on your social media profiles unbeknownst to you. You are probably living a life of labels even if you try hard not to fall in the norm or popular label categories; you still label. Let’s be clear, no label is a label too. Labeling is somewhat of a sliding scale. You can be at the low end or high end of the labeling sliding scale. What does this mean? You may label yourself all day, do you live up to it? Are you just trying to influence people to look at you according to who you want to be?  If you find yourself having to say your something then socially your an unfamiliar or at the low new end of the fruit you are hoping that you bare. 

You Maybe Trying To Publicize A Lifestyle To Convince Others Of Who You Would Like “To Be”

There are people, in the age of social media, who work overtime at trying to convince the public that they are a public figure, socialite, artist, business mogul or public speaker, et cetera…but where is the evidence? Yes, you probably go out your way to visually demonstrate or sell, what you hope is a convincing reality. A few pictures or videos here or there might do the trick, you hope. Maybe it is about who you want to be…how is that working out for you? What does it mean to be a socialite or a public figure? How do you ensure that you are maximizing and living up to the figurehead you’ve label yourself? These are all questions you should examine, if your desire is to unpack a certain type of image.

Don’t Break The Bank Or Lose Your Sanity

Your sanity and finances are qualitative and quantitative assets. George Santayana once wrote “Sanity is a madness put to good uses.” and this is why the value of maintaining it is necessary and delicate. How many times do you watch people in videos and in person and their rampage madness overflows as they try to project an image of themselves that’s contrary to their natural self? You can see them struggling to force feed or publicize a socially uncomfortable version of who they are not. You maybe that person too. Breaking the bank and your sane mind to bear fake fruit all to mainstream yourself. Yes, it is great to have fun, but remember to produce the fruit you are aiming for, you have to put in authentic work.

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Don’t Damage Your Credibility By Not Living Up To The “You”, You Hyped Up

If you do anything for yourself, labor to produce fruits that honestly depict you to ensure that you always emerge credible. Credibility begets accountability and leads to trust. Protect it! Don’t be a fraudulent version of you. Work toward the fruit you want to bear. A farmer does not plant cabbage and hope it produces eggplants. Neither does that farmer produce the cabbage and try to persuade others that it is an eggplant. Where is the logic or sanity in that behavior? It’s lost or damaged.

Photo courtesy of Life of Pix

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