You Have The Right To New Experiences At Any Adult Age, Judgement Free

It is easy to get caught up in repetitive habits that creep in and roll over into a new year. You have probably read the formula for how many days it takes to start a new habit and to break an old one. Did you ever wonder if there is a formula for having a new experience? It is not a formula, but there are steps to ensure you do some planning, and the critical piece is the follow through. Right now you should accept the fact that you deserve to have a new experience or two. Shake up the routine. Invoke rarity and variety into you life.

You might say that you have a family and it is impossible to change up routines. New experiences do not have to big and bold…just new. They can include your children and spouse. It may not be the same as a single person’s experience but the idea is to enrich your normal routine and invoke some bliss.

You can still Carpe-diem. You can try a new food, travel to a new location or take that art class. Take the family vacation cross country to the Grand Canyon, climb that mountain or go on that over due Ski trip you’ve been wanting forever, but too afraid cause hey, you live in a routine. You have permission to break the normal without destroying it.

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The Purpose Of Life Is To Experience It, And Savor The Experience

Stop talking yourself out of the activities you want to do. The class you want to take. The trip to Europe or Asia you meant to have taken by now. You have the right to search for your life’s purpose and experiencing life is a part of that purpose. You don’t have to be a personage to enjoy a trip to Paris…everyday people live their best lives. Do not sell yourself short. Start small, plan and execute on the conscious events you want for you or your family. It’s life, swallow it and don’t let it swallow you.

People Will Question Your New Found Attitude

Anytime you decide to do something beneficial or different people will question your motivate. People will question your standards, state of mind, finances and any other area of your life. You are probably familiar with the reason why they do it…to measure who they are against you, to sabotage your endeavors, or even to offer some friendly advice. Do not entertain the naysayers.

You Are Ready, Willing, And Able – Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of This

You are in the land of the living and amongst the living, so go forth and enjoy life. You are ready for the experience so accept the opportunity and find comfort in your planning. Don’t second guess or your decision, chances are you have thought this through many of times and probably set aside what you need to start. Failure is the spice that gives achievement and success their flavor.

Go to your destiny by way of your new experience. Live your best and most adventurous life, judgement free.

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