The relationship that never ends no matter what situations or circumstances arises, is the one that holds unforeseeable value. How many of you have that person in your life that’s been their for Always and Forever?  The person is a constant regardless of distance, time or disagreement. This is not the type of relationship you have with every single person around you, but its one special person whose existence has been loyal through time.
They never left you cause they are the good one. There timing is impeccable and it’s not everyday that you hear from them. It’s not sexually, it has nothing to do with it. It’s an authentic connection. Sometimes weeks pass, but when it counts you get the Facetime or the text.
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There is a welcoming feeling knowing that some attachments are worth it. There is no ruining what’s meant for good. You have to cherish these types of rare relationships/friendships. The connection offers you a soft place to always land when the tough ones run their course.

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