Any Given Day In December

If you are like most people, then you probably spend the month of December in what you swear is “the free space” month. Free to enjoy desserts you can only get this time of year. Free to enjoy those friends that live so far away, you only get to see them once year, and that once of year is December. Free to make choices you can’t make any other time of the year because you are just too busy being consumed with work, promotion, professional classes, events, and other stuff. You total ignore the fact that December is probably your most busy month. Once you see green, red, silver and gold… its on! What’s on? A non-stop month of endless activities, sugary treats, trips to the mall, parties on top of parties in your personal and professional life. Deep breaths are now required.

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The Infamous Holiday Parties

And just like that, holiday parties are coming at you like January maintenance fees and taxes. If you feel like you’ve attended more holiday parties than you planned by the time you’ve reached the mid-winter solstice in December, then chances are you have. Nope, it is not a dream. Depending on where you work, holiday parties maybe broken down into departments. If you have kids and friends, then the parties don’t stop with the office. Yes, they spill over into the after work after party time slots…but only in December!

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The Decorations

If the holiday parties don’t consume you, then planning for the right decor will surely require your time, attention, and eye for styling things up or down. The holidays have three types of people, those who over decorate, under decorate or don’t decorate at all. First timers, you are sure to be in the over decorate category. You’re excited to show off your new place and your ability to mix and match the best set of Christmas tree to wreath to candle holders. If you have been decorating for 10 years, then you have learned to balance how much setup, because taking down is tedious and boring. You’re probably worn out from all the festivities and new years not mention January is closer than you can imagine. If you are a parent with adult children, but with grand kids, you will probably decorate just enough or under decorate to ensure the take down process goes with easy.

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Time With Friends

For some of you, the December holiday is the only time is about seeing old friends. You and your friends have busy lives and this time is important and mentally and emotionally necessary. It can be some of the most sentimental time shared. If you have long time friends that live on opposite coast, the anticipation builds through out the year, holding itself for moments spent together in December.

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How you decide to carry out this month is up to you. Do it with moderation and respect. For heaven’s sake, you don’t won’t to spend the month of January beating yourself up for out of control behavior…or maybe you do (sigh with a devious smile). Enjoy the last month of the year. This is often the only time of the year that some use to unwind, vacation, see family and friends, have a drink, or attend a special event. Enjoy…happy Holidays and get ready to have a yourself a glorious new year.

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