Change is not by accident and you’re the most essential piece. James Baldwin once said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Honestly, this quote is flexible across multiple life events, life activities, and life episodes. Think about what you’re going to face down over the next six months, year, or two. You’ve faced down what, in your past? Additionally, it is inevitable, but you will meet with those things that require your full presence.

Consequently, facing the opposition or even a great love promotes some valuable outcome. Change is always good when some type of residual qualitative or quantitative is the result. Moreover, if you alter a relationship for the better, by facing off with a person, then that is the real gift.

Not everything we face, we fear. Importantly, we often face those things we are passionate about and immovable about.

The Spark Of Change – We’re All Unshakable And Passionate About Something

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”. We’re all unshakable and passionate about something. To those that have an unwavering stance against activities that seek to destroy humanity, you will always fight the greatest battle. You’ll always face-off with greater demons who hate change. Also, you’ll fight against sub-groups that believe that they’re more absolute than others.

There is nothing more important than positive passion. Moreover, this passion when gracious in action, makes meaningful tides of change. Also, passion is significant with inducing personal movement, political movement, or group movement. This passion sparks the change or introduces the beginning. Importantly, healthy passion is contagious and necessary.

Don’t Fear The Fire That Burns Inside You

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The fire that burns inside you, is the thing that passion is made of. Do not fear it. It’s also the same ingredient that it takes to decide to make changes in life, to your life, or this world. Positive guided fire, heavenly guided fire, and humanity guided fire looks good on you.

Without change, passion, and fire nothing worthwhile will get accomplished. You need it and often and those with lesser fire and passion, need it too.

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